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The village lies just outside the Cevenne’s national park. In the park you will find the Mont Aigoual, 1567 meters high. In winter there is a small ski area with downhill and cross-country circuits.

The Hérault is 2 km away and offers great swimming locations. The village has a park surrounding the château, which includes football goals, a ping pong table, a small playground for young children and picnic tables. The pool is located there as well. It is opened for a few weeks in July and August and there is good supervision.

Nimes and Montpellier are each about one hour drive and are well worth a visit. Sète, a cozy harbor town, is a little further away, like the Camargue, a special nature reserve with wild bulls, horses and pink flamingos' s.

Closer by are smaller towns with pleasant weekly markets and flea markets.

Sports enthusiasts need not be bored here. Both canoeing and mountain biking are possible. Mountaineering and trekking, the 4000-steps path to the Mont Aigoual starts in Valleraugue (20 km). Parasailing, golf, day trips with a donkey, etc. and
in winter you can ski.

Nature lovers can find  a vulture colony just north of the Mont Aigoual, bisons on the causse, a special bamboo garden in Anduze and a large aquarium in Saint Jean du Gard. In the summer season Anduze and St Jean du Gard are linked by a steamtrain. There are several caves that can be visited.

There are many historical and archaeological sites nearby. Ex. the Pont du Gard and the Arena in Nimes, an old Roman road, remains of another aqueduct etc. Stone circles on the causse and the traces of dinosaurs. Museums in Nimes, Montpellier and Lodève.

You can walk down to the river to swim, just ask us for the shortest route.